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the nerja caves

The Nerja Caves

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The Stunning Nerja Caves

What is perhaps one of the most fascinating and best tourist destinations in all of Spain, the Nerja Caves are without a doubt a must visit when staying in Soutthe nerja caves oneh of Spain. Located nearby the city of Nerja and only 10 km away from La Herradura, the extensive cave system dates back millions of years, and will entertain visitors of all ages. However, please be aware that there are a lot of stairs, so keep that in mind of traveling with elderly visitors.

For thousands of years, the cave has been used as everything from a habitat to a burial site. During your visit, the best way to see the caves is through an audio-guided tour, which is available in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, and Russian. Visitors can also check out the new app called Cave of Nerja to learn more about the cave. Throughout the cave system, you will see stalactites and stalagmites that tower above you like a grand organ, and feel the cool, dry the-nerja-caves-paintair that exists below the surface of the earth.

After thousands of years of no habitation or known existence of the cave, it was rediscovered back in 1959 after a group of men entered a small sinkhole called “La Mina.” The caves soon became one of the most accessible and widely visited tourist attractions in Spain.

In addition to exploring the caves, visitors will also want to check out the series of galleries that include prehistoric paintings, and an ancient skeleton that was discovered inside of the cave. It is a world like you have never seen, and during your stay in the area, it is highly recommended to make the trip to see the caves.

the-nerja-caves-skullVisitors to the cave may also be interested in visiting other interesting places in Nerja apart of the Nerja Caves, such as El Balcón de Europa, the Boat of Chanquete, Museum of Nerja or Maro Square.

This is for sure a key place to visit. We will update our blog to provide you with more information about another interesting places to visit.




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