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Granada coastline

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Granada coastline: a destination to discover

Granada Coastline or Costa Tropical is one of most unknown to the public throughout the entire coastline of Andalusia. This is a reality that until now was partly due to a poor road infrastructure and a strong competition from the great beaches and the good roads in the neighboring Costa del Sol. Mass tourism has been attracted to the beaches and tourist attractions of that destination which is recognized worldwide, and still continues to grow.

But the Costa Tropical has many things to boast, as we will see; it´s one of those small destinations far from the mass tourism. And this is one of the reasons why the coast of Granada is becoming more popular: the number of travelers fleeing the concept of overcrowding beaches and seeking calmer and natural destinations is increasing. And this tendence is stronger from the viewpoint of the searchers of a deeper travel experience: a closer way to discover destinations and people.

So there are things that fall under its own weight: a place like this keeping so many wonders must get a proper recognition… and this is gradually happening.

Granada coastline: small paradisesgranada coastline

Tourist come for a visit and they fall in love with the destination so decide to stay. When they discover both the natural wonders of this environment together with the bonhomie of dealing of local people many of them have decided to make these havens their second, and in some cases their primary residence.

And when we speak of paradise we can have to mention La Herradura. A little gem that visitors fall in love with its charm and its wonderful natural simplicity. With a combination of services and charm that leave no one indifferent.

Granada coastline: much to offer

La Herradura and many of those small paradises along the Costa Tropical are growing, but this growing will never get to be this mass tourism of the Costa del Sol, but always looking for this responsible visitor who love a different experience with a kind and personalized service and appreciates the simplicity and closeness.

For this are committed, you want to discover and enjoy paradise?

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