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Gastro Restaurant on the coast of Granada

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Lemon Grass: Gastro Restaurant on the Costa Tropical

The gastro restaurant Lemon Grass, specializing in Japanese and international cuisine, has become a strong reason to come and stay at La Caleta Bay in La Herradura, on the coast of Granada.gastro restaurant costa tropical
Ideal for all ages, especially for foodies quality: those looking for a modern, international cuisine, attracted by
the taste of Asian cuisine. Especially Japanese food, led by a Sushi made with products of the highest quality. Elaborated by young chefs though well trained to achieve an unbeatable result: some dishes with an attractive and harmonious presentation. All topped with a combination of local products like avocado or mango of our Costa Tropical.

Gastro Restaurant & Sushi

After just over a year, Lemon Grass continues climbing positions in the main rankings of the restaurants in La Herradura and its reputation spreads. Our gastronomic restaurant attracts diners from other nearby towns. Located between Granada and Malaga; An ideal position for all who come to La Herradura in search of a Sushi and dishes with a level of quality that are hardly found in the area.
gastro restaurant coast granadaTo this quality is added an attentive, close and professional service. A team that makes everything taste better, dressing the food with sympathy and smiles, advising those who have little experience in Japanese cuisine and guiding everyone to get the best possible dining experience.
And, of course, we have the unequaled environment of La Herradura. Unique for its landscapes and a mild micro-climate both in winter and in summer. The perfect setting to truly enjoy a meal in this gastro restaurant on the coast of Granada. You’ll be left wanting more, thinking of going back for repeat and trying new dishes from the menu.

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